Williams Industries Inc. (WII) is a diversified Caribbean conglomerate with headquarters situated at Cane Garden, St. Thomas in Barbados. From its headquarters WII controls many wholly owned and joint venture companies in Barbados, St. Lucia, and other Caribbean Islands. The company is defined by its founder as a joint venture between the providers of Labor and the providers of Capital in which the two share equally in the benefits created by the business. 50% of the after tax profit is shared equally between the employees and the shareholders and employees receive shares for long service every year. The other 50% of profit is invested primarily in the Caribbean.

These companies do business in manufacturing, electrical engineering, supply to the construction industry, waste recycling, water desalination, well drilling, real estate development, building and Equipment rental, sewage treatment, alternative energy, cellular communication and Tourism.

The WII Group employs over 800 people. More than 300 of them are shareholders. The Group also creates thousands more employment opportunities by its ongoing business activities.

Williams Industries Directors


The companies of Williams Industries do not compete with their customers. Our manufacturing companies produce a wide range of products for the construction industry and supply them to all hardware stores and contractors at competitive prices. Our companies will not undercut our dealers but we will sell to consumers who come to our factories at retail prices because we believe that customers who enter our premises to buy our products must always receive courteous and efficient service.

We are always on the lookout for the best value for money from our suppliers but we believe that good reliable suppliers are as important to our business as good customers. For this reason we always treat suppliers fairly and we pay them in accordance with agreed trading terms.

We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our operating cost without impacting our customers or staff negatively. We focus on improving our customer service to ensure that our companies are always able to offer the best value for our customers money in our industry. We are aware that it is much more difficult to win a new customer than it is to keep an existing one so our policy requires our companies to pass on the benefits of lower input costs to all of our customers whenever we can.

We are firm believers that the key to our success is to find ways to deliver more for less.

The secret to success is to give more for less


Williams Industries Inc. (WII) has developed an award winning modelling system for monitoring multiple business performances. This enables management to see trends quickly and take immediate action to support the positive and correct the negative.

Transparency in management and the reporting of results, profit sharing and a unique employee share ownership scheme keeps all employees informed and empowered.

The foundation of WII is an unshakable commitment to credibility and integrity in business that ensures that suppliers, employees and customers are always treated with respect and fairly.

No lending institution has ever had to write off any part of any loan extended to any company controlled by the WII senior management team since the first company started over 50 years ago.


The strategy of WII is simple. We do not believe in reinventing the wheel. Our senior management teams look for new business opportunities and if one is found that is unfamiliar, They look for a successful international operator in that business and they offer our local management ability and knowledge to form a joint venture to take advantage of the opportunity. Successful examples are:

And more recently Digicel (Barbados) Ltd and Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre Inc (SBRC). Once established in Barbados we then take the technology to other markets such as St. Lucia and other islands in the Caribbean. We will also form joint ventures with successful regional businesses to create markets for our products and services and to establish new one of a kind businesses.

Examples are:


We have built many warehouses for rent, the roofs of which are covered with photovoltaic panels that generate electricity from the sun. Our Williams Renewable Energy company  produces more electricity from the sun than all of our buildings and factories use and we currently export enough to power about seven thousand average size homes. We believe that the islands of the Caribbean can and should be powered entirely by non polluting clean energy from renewable sources so we will continue to raise finance via Green Energy bonds that give every citizen the opportunity to invest in non polluting energy generation.

We also believe that the garbage produced should be recycled or converted to energy wherever possible and that is why we invested in Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre (SBRC) where we process and recycle up to one thousand tons per day and where we wish to join with and international operator of waste to energy plants to build one in Barbados.   Our vision is for pristine Caribbean islands where transportation is by all electric vehicles  powered by energy generated by non polluting renewable sources.

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