What Make Williams Industries Inc Special?

We believe that the only way to ensure the success of our Company is to provide our customers with the highest standard of service and products possible at competitive prices.

Our Company will pursue its business interests vigorously and competitively and will aim to maximize growth and profitability by every fair means at its disposal. It will not engage in any unethical behaviour, including the bribery of any Government or other individual to obtain business.

We believe that our Company exists solely for the benefit of its shareholders, its employees and the communities in which it does business. We consider our company to be a joint venture between the providers of the capital and the providers of labour and we believe that the benefits derived from its existence should be shared equally between these two groups.

Our Company will respect and observe the laws of all countries in which it conducts business.

Our Company will observe strict compliance with agreements made with business associates, employees and others whether written or verbal unless or until changed by mutual agreement. This includes payment for goods and services supplied no later than the due dates unless extended by mutual agreement. We will pay interest on overdue balances owed to suppliers unless forgiven by mutual agreement and we will expect our customers to pay interest on overdue balances owed by them to us.

Our Company will support community efforts to alleviate poverty and the suffering of the less fortunate in communities where we conduct business. We will direct our assistance to the elderly, the handicapped and to the children who are unable to do for themselves and we will assist the able bodied providing they are willing to work to achieve their goals. We will not support laziness, slovenly appearance or lewd behavior.

Our Company will respect the right of every individual to freedom of speech and expression and to freedom of association.

Our Company will support and protect the environment. It will not invest in or associate with any business or group that it knows to be involved in activity that is harmful to the environment.

Our Company will maintain a neutral position on political issues but will not restrict its employees from belonging to or supporting any political party of their choice.

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