Background of the Group Companies

Terrapin Racing & Developments Ltd. was the first company started by Bizzy Williams. It was registered on Jan 15, 1972 as a joint venture with the author of “High Speed, Low Cost” Allan Staniforth. This company built single-seater racing cars; but was closed after the steep rise in the price of oil and a corresponding fall in the demand for racing cars. The company exported cars to Jamaica, Trinidad and St. Vincent.

CO Williams Electrical Ltd. was registered on June 30, 1972 to provide design and installation of electrical systems in buildings. This company added trading in steel and other metal products in 1976. It has an experienced management team and has been consistently profitable.

Structural Systems Ltd. was formed on April 29, 1975 to manufacture prefabricated metal buildings and components for buildings. It was the first company of the WII Group to be granted fiscal incentives, including a tax holiday that enabled the shareholders to retain all profit for investment in new ventures they took part in. This company has produced buildings for virtually every English-speaking island of the Caribbean region. These buildings have resisted every hurricane to strike the Caribbean over the past 39 years, and not one has failed structurally. The company has won numerous awards for employment and outstanding quality; and it is the most automated production facility for metal buildings in the Caribbean.

BRC West Indies Ltd. was registered on April 29, 1979 as a 50:50 Joint venture with Hall Engineering, of the UK, to manufacture Welded Wire Mesh for the entire Caricom market. This company later added reinforcing steel bars, both straight and pre bent, roll formed roofing, Brickforce, hurricane straps and hurricane shutters to its product line. This successful company is now owned 100% by WII.

Caribbean Metals Ltd. was registered in St. Lucia on June 1, 1990 to produce the same products that SSL and BRC produced in Barbados; the decision to establish this company in St.Lucia was driven by Williams Industries desire to improve its service to the construction industry in St.Lucia. This company has achieved this objective over the years since its formation and become a well respected household name in St.Lucia .

Ionics Freshwater Ltd. was registered as a 50:50 joint venture with Ionics Inc. of the USA. The company has delivered consistently high quality potable water to the Barbados Water Authority since going into production. In 2003 it completed its first sewage treatment project, which produces clean, fresh water from sewage in Tobago. A second, similar plant started operating in June 2004.

BRC Jamaica Ltd. was registered on June 15, 1982 to produce the same products as BRC West Indies Ltd. for the Jamaican market. This company was very successful for several years, but has not done well recently. WII is now working with its Jamaican partner to restructure and re-energize this company.

Williams Drilling Services Ltd. was registered on March 5,1999 as a 45:45:10 joint venture with C.O. Williams Construction Ltd. and staff, to mechanize the drilling of water and sucking of wells in Barbados. This company has been consistently profitable, and has just invested in its third drilling rig. It can drill wells up to 6 ft. in diameter and 200+ feet deep in solid rock.

Williams Equipment Ltd. was registered on July 11,1997 by Stuart Williams, to supply and rent construction equipment and tools in Barbados. This company is growing steadily and is known across Barbados for its excellent service that is second to none.

Coles Engineering Ltd. was acquired by WII in 2003. The company had lost money in the previous three years, but is strategically located in the South of Barbados, where WII wanted to expand its Williams Metals department of CO Williams Electrical Ltd. This new outlet is now doing good business in the South; and Coles Engineering has turned around to become a star of the Williams Industries group.